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Welcome to the International Apostolic Churches Incorporated. We believe in missions around the world without limitations. God is doing an amazing work through His people. Please feel free to go to the Bible Study Materials page to download Bible Studies and stories or read them online at the Beliefs page. God Bless!! Questions or comments about this organization or its beliefs should be directed to info@iachurches.org.

IN THE NEWS... India is suffering from religious attacks. A radical religious group in India is persecuting the Christians by destroying their towns and homes. Members of Bro. Goddeti's Church have lost their homes in one of these attacks. PLEASE pray for the peace among the Indian people. God will make a way for the IACI churches in India to prevail and save all types of people from different cultures.

NEW!!! Inspirational stories from ordinary people that have a relationship with God...

The Lord moves in the most mysterious ways. Pastor Moses Goddetti, from India, has been in contact with us for a little over a year. He found our website after it had been built (less than 2 weeks old) and told us that the Lord had led him to our site. Pastor Goddeti is preaching the TRUTH in India, along with the pastors under him that are in his village and his brother, Solomon Goddeti, from the UPCI. Revival is everywhere. Here are more pictures of Bro. Goddetti and his church.

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