Sometime in the fall of 1998, I had a dream. In this dream, I saw a vertebra floating in the air. I was watching it. It was slowly rotating. It turned to where I could see through it. Then the vertebra turned sideways and I saw that it was broken. A finger pointed to the vertebra and God said, "See, it is broken. It is broken straight across. It is for a purpose!"

When I awoke, I wondered about the dream. I thought it was only because Jo's back had been hurting so bad and I had gone to sleep worrying about her.

A few days later I took Jo to the emergency room of United Regional Hospital. They made x-rays and exclaimed, "Did you know that you have a broken back?"

"No, but, I knew my back was hurting awfully bad for some reason".

When I got a chance to talk to the doctor, I asked, "Doctor, how is her back broken?" He put his hand in the air and motioned with his finger and said, "It is broken straight across. Kind of unusual."

I told God, "I know that since it is for Your purpose, that You will take care of us and heal Jo. Please remember we are only humans and have mercy on us. I submit to Your will and Your purpose."

Jo spent 13 days in the hospital. She had some 30 tests made. Six of these tests showed she had cancer at the L5 vertebra in October-November of 1998. She was sent home with a hospital bed and was told to only get out of the bed to go to the bathroom, otherwise stay in the bed and allow the vertebra to heal.

The vertebra would not heal. Her doctor treated her for osteoporosis during the next 27 months, while the cancer, that he had not read his reports on, spread throughout her body. There were even lesions in her skull. This type of cancer is in the bone marrow and eats away the bones from the inside. There is no pain medicine that will completely relieve the pain!

Around February 1, 1999, Jo said, "You can send this hospital bed back! I am not going to lie here and die! I want to go back to church!"

She went to church and played the piano for the next 4 years with a broken back at L5 vertebra, She has been our church pianist for 32 years and receives no pay for her labor. It is truly her labor of love unto the Lord. In the meantime the cancer had almost completely eaten away the L5 vertebra.

In January of 2001, Jo dislocated her clavicle on the right side. That is the little bone that goes from the top of her shoulder to the sternum. I took her to the emergency room. This is when an even greater nightmare began. This is when she was properly diagnosed with cancer.

When Jo asked her oncologist, "How long do I have?"

He replied, "How long have you had it?"

"Over two years, from the reports my husband showed you."

He replied, "You have already outlived your life expectancy."

I told the oncologist, "Doctor, we believe that the God that created this body can heal it." He gave me that, I feel sorry for you being so simple minded, look. I continued. "Doctor, when this lady gets her healing, that would make even you believe in God, wouldn't it?"

He said, "yes."

The Lord is my Shepherd!

"You have cancer and have already outlived your life expectancy", exclaimed my oncologist. My husband was asking many questions, most I don't even remember. I couldn't breathe. Oh God, where are You?

Carmen, our daughter, must have seen my pain. She whispers in my ear, "Mom, you know you've always secretly wanted short hair." We smile through the tears. When my beautiful hair was down, it was almost long enough to sit on. "No", I said, "I love my hair."

Mark, our son, holds my hand and says, "Mom, don't worry. God will take care of you." I hear Jerry saying something about, "We believe The God that made her can heal her."

The doctor started telling us the treatment options. I asked him, "Have you ever successfully treated anyone for Multiple Myeloma?"

He said, "No."

"Then we are going to M. D. Anderson. Even though we believe in miracles, I am going to do everything humanly possible to help her."


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