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당신은 환영 합니다 ~ 그리고 번역 주셔서 감사 합니다. > u< bi="" found="" you="" thru="" aff.="" i`ve="" made="" it="" my="" agenda="" to="" gather="" all="" existing="" translation="" sites="" for="" chinese="" bl="" novels!="" *u*keep="" up="" the="" good="" work!="" i`ll="" definitely="" comment="" on="" your="" blog="" when="" i="" do="" start="" reading="" your=""><3 urmmm...="" i="" have="" a="" question,="" when="" you="" translate="" chinese="" bl="" novels,="" do="" you="" guys="" still="" ask="" permission="" from="" the="" author??="" i="" might="" possibly="" (hopefully)try="" to="" translate="" one="" in="" hopes="" for="" improving="" my="" mandarin="" lol="" xd="" (cuz="" it="" sucks)="" thank="" you="" for="" your="" hard="" work="" c:="" it="" makes="" me="" happy="" to="" know="" that="" there="" are="" people="" who="" are="" interested="" in="" reading="" chinese="" bl="" novels.="" i="" believe="" that="" by="" raising="" people`s="" interest="" in="" them="" the="" chances="" of="" more="" chinese="" bl="" novels="" being="" translated="" will="" increase.="" i="" hope="" to="" bring="" more="" translations="" for="" people="" to="" read.="" thank="" you="" for="" the="" comment.="">< hi="" there!="" thanks="" for="" linking="" to="" will="" of="" heaven!="" i="" haven`t="" found="" many="" translators="" of="" chinese="" fiction,="" so="" i`m="" glad="" to="" see="" your="" page="" and="" your="" links.="" another="" site="" that="" i="" know="" of="" is="" prince="" revolution!,="" which="" translates="" light="" novels="" by="" yu="" wo.="" too="" bad="" only="" few="" chinese="" bl="" novels="" are="" being="" translated="" to="" english.="" i="" honestly="" believe="" that="" chinese="" bl="" novels="" have="" the="" best="" plot="" and="" flow="" to="" it.="" hoping="" to="" read="" more="" in="" the="" future.="" i`m="" really="" grateful="" to="" you="" (diarytea)="" and="" to="" those="" who="" shares="" their="" works..if="" not="" with="" you="" i="" wouldn`t="" know="" any="" of="" these="" awesome="" and="" wonderful="""" thank="" you="" thank="" you.="" i="" owe="" you="" big="" time="" :)="" hi,="" if="" its="" not="" to="" much="" trouble="" can="" someone="" share="" the="" translations="" for="" fallen="" hero="" by="" xin="" bao="" er="" with="" me?="" i`ve="" been="" searching="" for="" it="" for="" the="" longest="" time="" but="" with="" my="" luck="" i="" wasn`t="" able="" to="" find="" anything="" at="" all.="" i="" love="" all="" of="" xin="" bao="" er="" novels="" and="" i`m="" dying="" to="" read="" more="" of="" her="" stories.="" thank="" you="" thank="" you="" for="" creating="" this="" page="" and="" bringing="" all="" chinese="" novels="" together="" in="" one="" place!="" i="" always="" check="" it="" everyday.="" ♥="" unfortunately,="" i="" don`t="" translate="" period="" novels,="" but="" there`s="" no="" definite="" indication="" that="" the="" translator="" for="" war="" prisoner="" has="" stopped="" translating="" the="" story.="" he/she="" might="" just="" be="" taking="" a="" break="" from="" translating="" it="" at="" the="" moment.="" thanksthis="" makes="" finding="" translations="" and="" interesting="" novels="" a="" heck="" lot="" easier="" dairytea="" doesn`t="" actually="" translate.="" if="" you="" want="" to="" have="" a="" novel="" translated="" it`s="" best="" to="" approach="" a="" group="" for="" e.g.="" esthertique="" or="" evil="" flowers=""><-- they only do straight manga. For novels, bl ones especially it`s better to ask scantalating groups such as Giraffe Corps. Giraffe corps are slow but accurate translators, however, i feel that luxiufer would be best for this project simply because she updates fast, regularly, accurately and does take recommendations into account. However, with two other novels currently being translated it is a bit difficult to fit another in. There are many more bl translating sites than you think, dairytea has listed a few of the most famous ones (the smaller groups are difficult to find especially if they translate a mix of bl and straight). Generally that`s the only way to get about a translation...on the other could always google translate it...or the professional translators like the ones translating Ai No Kusabi (and getting paid for it). they="" only="" do="" straight="" manga.="" for="" novels,="" bl="" ones="" especially="" it`s="" better="" to="" ask="" scantalating="" groups="" such="" as="" giraffe="" corps.="" giraffe="" corps="" are="" slow="" but="" accurate="" translators,="" however,="" i="" feel="" that="" luxiufer="" would="" be="" best="" for="" this="" project="" simply="" because="" she="" updates="" fast,="" regularly,="" accurately="" and="" does="" take="" recommendations="" into="" account.="" however,="" with="" two="" other="" novels="" currently="" being="" translated="" it="" is="" a="" bit="" difficult="" to="" fit="" another="" in.="" there="" are="" many="" more="" bl="" translating="" sites="" than="" you="" think,="" dairytea="" has="" listed="" a="" few="" of="" the="" most="" famous="" ones="" (the="" smaller="" groups="" are="" difficult="" to="" find="" especially="" if="" they="" translate="" a="" mix="" of="" bl="" and="" straight).="" generally="" that`s="" the="" only="" way="" to="" get="" about="" a="" translation...on="" the="" other="""" could="" always="" google="" translate="" it...or="" the="" professional="" translators="" like="" the="" ones="" translating="" ai="" no="" kusabi="" (and="" getting="" paid="" for="" it).="">

Generally that`s the only way to get about a translation…on the other hand…you could always google translate it…or the professional translators like the ones translating Ai No Kusabi (and getting paid for it). >

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